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    These lyrics may be catchy, but there’s one, big grammatical error within them. Can you spot it??
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    Sometimes it’s hard not to hum that song that’s stuck in your head. It’s also incredibly satisfying when you’re able to hum it all the way through. What you may not realize, however, is that sometimes as you hum your favorite earworm, you might be humming about a piece of literature, motifs and all. Take a look at the rock songs below, and see which …

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  5. The Frabjous Words Invented By Lewis Carroll

    When we think of Lewis Carroll, we think of whimsical worlds … and words. The man who penned Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, “Jabberwocky,“?and countless other timeless poems and works of literature has taken our imaginations to the furthest limits for decades.? His stories—published during the mid- to late-1800s—are full of life, adventure, humor, and some of the most fantastical words. You see, …

  6. “Hero” vs. “Protagonist”: What Is The Difference?

    Many stories have one thing in common: a brave main character who ends up saving the day. But does slaying the dragon or defusing the bomb make this person a hero or a protagonist? And can the two words be used interchangeably? The correct answer to both is yes, with the caveat that the words are not always synonymous. Both nouns have multiple definitions and …

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    Star Trek is one of the most beloved science fiction television franchises to ever air. Debuting in 1966 with Star Trek: The Original Series, this long-running franchise is about the crew of a starship (spaceship), the USS Enterprise, as it explores the deepest depths of outer space. Along the way, the crew meet new life forms, get into all kinds of hijinks, and battle for …

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