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??????????? Kiss Woman Woman emoji

[kis woo m-uh n?woo m-uh n?ih-moh-jee]

What does???????????? Kiss Woman Woman emoji mean?

Kiss, kiss, love, love, woman, woman.

The kiss: woman, woman?emoji depicts two females with puckered lips and a large heart between them. It's meant to illustrate a romantic love or embrace between two women, often lesbians, but it's sometimes used among close, platonic girlfriends.

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Where does ??????????? Kiss Woman Woman emoji come from?

Examples of ??????????? Kiss Woman Woman emoji

Night in with my girls ????????????????????
@amanda_barrrr, December, 2016
Can't Wait Until I Have My Lil Family ??????????????????????????
@Adore_Yonaa, December, 2016
For New Years Eve I am going to a double lesbian wedding ?????????????
@c_nich3, December, 2017

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Who uses ??????????? Kiss Woman Woman emoji?

The?kiss: woman, woman emoji is used on social media and in text messages by two women in love.

It doesn’t have to be true love, though, as the?kiss: woman, woman?emoji can refer to two females kissing for whatever reason. Boy brains blown … we know.

While generally used to illustrate romantic love between two women, the?kiss: woman, woman?emoji is sometimes used by close female friends who have a platonic affection toward each other.

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