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???? Mexico Flag emoji

[mek-si-kuh n flag ih-moh-jee]

What does ???? Mexico Flag emoji mean?

The Mexican flag emoji stands for the country of Mexico, as well as people and/or things that are perceived as being Mexican.

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Where does ???? Mexico Flag emoji come from?

Examples of ???? Mexico Flag emoji

A Dive Into the Startup Ecosystem in Mexico City ????
Juan Dulanto, Medium (title). August, 2017
Trump is SICK! He WILL live to regret what he is doing to our BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!????????
@BlueGreen625, February, 2018
I may go to a bougie school but you better believe my Mexican ass parked in front of this Bentley and Range Rover with a burrito in hand; blasting mariachi music ????
@TerriquezDamian, February, 2018

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Who uses ???? Mexico Flag emoji?

The Mexican flag emoji is used widely online by people from Mexico or with Mexican heritage to identify or celebrate the country of Mexico and its culture, including its food, people, athletes, and unique traditions. A social-media post or text message about Mexican food, say tamales, may be tagged with a Mexican flag emoji for emphasis, or a person watching Mexico’s national football team may string together several Mexican flag emoji to cheer them on.

Because of xenophobic and racist remarks US President Donald Trump has made toward Mexico and Mexicans, the Mexican flag emoji is sometimes used to symbolize anti-Trump resistance, particularly when it comes to the topic of immigration. Pro-Trump, anti-immigrant internet users may use the Mexican flag emoji disparagingly. Using the Mexican flag emoji together with the US flag emoji depicts union between the two countries.

On unsupported platforms, the emoji will show up as the letters MX, the country’s abbreviation.

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