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?? Red Apple emoji

[red?ap-uh?l ih-moh-jee]

What does ?? Red Apple emoji mean?

Ahh, the classic red apple, with a solitary green leaf and perky stem. This crisp piece of fruit can represent anything related to food (especially healthy eating), school days and education, or the fall season.

Is it a Red Delicious? A Gala? Maybe a Honeycrisp?? Mmmm. We don't know, but we're hungry regardless.

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Where does ?? Red Apple emoji come from?

The red apple emoji has been around for a while, first approved as part of?Unicode 6.0?in 2010 and added to?Emoji 1.0?in 2015. It signifies so many things, but it is mostly used in posts relating to food and the fall season. In addition to being a symbol for that delightful change of season (apple picking time!), it also represents education and teachers, and is a nod to Manhattan, or New York City, which has the nickname “Big Apple.” That nickname was coined by a sports writer in the 1920s and then picked up and revived by marketing agencies in the 1970s for a promotional campaign … guess it worked.

The origins of the apple as a signifier for things related to school go back to the 1700s, when families in countries like Denmark would pay their teachers with baskets of apples. American families continued the tradition, with an occasional apple-for-the-teacher token until the early- to mid-1900s. It’s especially fitting since the apple long represented wisdom, going back to Greek mythology. And, let’s not forget the role of the apple in the story of Adam and Eve; that first bite set a new course for man/womankind!


Examples of ?? Red Apple emoji

Just a reminder that buying seasonal fruits and veggies is the more environmentally friendly and cost effective option!????????????????
@gettt__lo, August, 2018
?? BACK-TO-SCHOOL GIVEAWAY! ?? Win a copy of FIVE of our recent titles. There are ??s and ??s and ??s and more! To enter, retweet & follow. Winner drawn 9/10. Good luck!
@schwartzwade, August, 2018
This Saturday cider mills open, so whose tryna go??????
@ashley7261, August, 2018

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Who uses ?? Red Apple emoji?

Apple fans sure love to celebrate their favorite fruit online. Whether it’s enjoying the simple, pure, and wholesome snack, right off the tree, or appreciating it in other forms, it’s hard to beat the apple’s versatility and popularity. On social media, it’s used not only to celebrate itself, but it does some heavy lifting with additional symbolism too.

During the fall season, the apple emoji is used along with the popular pumpkin, leaf, and corn emojis to signify the time of year. Of course, apple picking is big in the fall, and that’s when apples really shine.

Another fall event is the return of school, and the classic red apple—a gift for teacher—is a popular emoji along with the chalk board, books, teacher, and pencil emojis.

Sometimes, the red heart emoji makes the very best partner.

And then, of course, there is the representation of the Biggest Apple of them all!

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