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??? Spiderweb emoji

or Spider Web emoji [ spahy-der-web ih-moh-jee ]

What does ??? Spiderweb emoji mean?

The Spiderweb emoji ??? depicts a classic image of a web spun by a spider. The emoji is commonly used to refer to literal spiderwebs, cobwebs, and spiders more generally.

Because many people find spiders and their webs scary, the Spiderweb emoji ??? is also used in the context of various spooky things or feelings, especially around Halloween. Like the Spider emoji ???,? the Spiderweb emoji ??? is also very often used in references to the superhero Spider-Man, who is able to shoot webs to swing across skyscrapers and to capture villains.

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Where does ??? Spiderweb emoji come from?

The Spiderweb emoji ??? was approved under Unicode 7.0 in 2014. On most major platforms, the Spiderweb emoji ??? portrays a symmetrical, gray spider’s web. It typically resembles a classic orb web seen in Halloween decorations.?

Examples of ??? Spiderweb emoji

As much as I hate spiders watching them spin a web is amazing ???
@DayDay4Days, August 13, 2018  
Saw Spiderman Homecoming, and it was everything I wanted and more! Loved this fresh new take on my favourite superhero. ??? ??
@DollAndDye, July 9, 2017

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Who uses ??? Spiderweb emoji?

The Spiderweb emoji ??? is used to refer to literal spiders and their webs, which some people find unpleasant—and others, stunning feats of nature.

The Spiderweb emoji ??? is especially used around Halloween when trying to evoke an eerie air.

Due to a similar appearance, the Spiderweb emoji ??? is sometimes accidentally used in place of Snowflake emoji ??.

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