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What does ??? Stadium emoji mean?

The stadium emoji depicts a round (in most cases) structure, usually marked with flags or floodlights, that represents the type of building that plays host to large crowds for sporting events and rock concerts.

On most platforms, a green field is seen in the center, which is where games like football, baseball, and soccer take place. Which is why the emoji is mostly used in sports-related social-media posts.

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Where does ??? Stadium emoji come from?

Rah! The stadium emoji was approved as part of?Unicode 7.0?in 2014 and added to?Emoji 1.0?in 2015.

The emoji is largely used in social-media posts related to sporting events and teams, which is fitting since that’s where the stadium’s roots lie. The first known structure to house large sporting events and crowds is the stadium in tiny Olympia, Greece, where the Olympic Games began in 776 BC. This stadium was dedicated to Zeus.

Fun fact: Rome’s Circus Maximus, largely a chariot-racing venue, was the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome, and isn’t round in shape, but is instead long and oval. Go ahead and whip that knowledge out at the next football game.


Examples of ??? Stadium emoji

??Blitz down to the topics section for some NFL Basics.???
@QuizUp, September, 2018
??San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Chargers ??? Levi's Stadium ?? 23:00 ?? NFL Game Pass
@49ersBrasil_, August, 2018
?? ... ???? ... ??? ... ??? ... ?? Go behind-the-scenes with the team on a busy first day in Milan! #COYS
@SpursOfficial, September, 2018

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Who uses ??? Stadium emoji?

Used for all things related to stadiums and sporting events, this emoji is a global favorite for fans everywhere.

It also appeals to fans of stadiums?

And, when it comes to American football, the stadium emoji takes on a life of its own …

… even if the post is a bit critical of the way these colossal buildings are paid for. Go, taxpayers!

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