Learning Activities For Every Grade

Try our teacher-reviewed daily learning activities for every grade level to keep kids on track for academic success.

Preschool & Kindergarten ELA Learning Center

Self-guided activities help younger students navigate learning developmental markers independently.

Learning Center For Grades 1-4

Teacher-approved elementary school activities help kids practice writing, spelling, and more.

Grades 5-8 Learning Activities Center

Grammar challenges, punctuation quizzes, and more keep middle school students on track.

High School Learning At Home Hub

Keep 9-12th graders occupied with online learning activities aimed at their grade level.

Learning Fun For The Whole Family

Teach kids the academic skills they need in innovative and fun ways.

Use Vocabulary Tools To Boost Their Knowledge

Add a new vocabulary word to your learning activities every day with the Word Of The Day.

Make Learning Fun With Word Games

Try test prep and word quizzes to engage students’ minds with fun that’s educational too.

Try This Disney Movie Word Challenge To Get Kids Learning & Moving

Turn screen time into education time with vocabulary tools that get kids moving.

Fuel Kids’ Creativity With Writing Prompts

Practice writing skills at home with free writing prompts created just for kids.

Play ’80s Movie Word Bingo With The Kids

We’ve put together a vocabulary guide to make all the extra screen time into learning time, and we’ve added some Bingo cards you can print out.

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Grammar Check

Our free grammar help checks all the educational boxes for both students and parents.

Get Grammar Help For Every Level

Survive our grammar game shows, learn to understand confusing words, and more.

Test Your Punctuation Skills With Our Quiz

Pump up kids' writing skills with punctuation tips and tests.

Try Our Free Grammar Tools

Thesaurus.com’s free grammar checker catches mistakes and helps kids learn too.

Make Sense Of Commonly Confused Words

Understand how to use “affect” vs. “effect” and more similar, yet very confusing, words.

Can You Compete In Our Grammar Game Show?

YES, grammar can be fun ... keep watching!

Spelling For Students

Dictionary.com doesn’t just spell F-U-N. We give you teaching activities to help kids learn.

Basic Spelling Rules, Explained

Start kids’ writing journey here with spelling rules they can use throughout their schooling.

Why Are There So Many Strange Spellings?

Gray vs. gray. Okay or OK. We make sense of confusing spellings.

Can You Spell Our Word Of The Day?

Get new and challenging words to add to your spelling lists, every day.

Spelling Tricks For Every Kid

Help kids ace their spelling tests with tricks that help them navigate the English language.

Can You Answer The Question: "Do You Capitalize It?"

These contestants are going to show us their capitalization skills. Are you ready?

Sight Word Activities: Learning How To Read And Spell

Here are the basics you need to know, and a handy list of fun practice activities that will have kids too busy moving and creating to complain.

Kids' Writing Help

These tools and resources will help your kid through all of their developmental writing stages.

Get Writing Help That Makes Kids Better Writers

The Thesaurus.com writing tool offers grammar checking plus synonym swapping to build kids’ skills.

How Kids Learn to Write, And How to Help Them Do It

Learn how kids learn to write so you can help them hit their writing milestones.

Writing Prompts Give Kids A Place To Begin

The first step on every writing journey is a prompt!

Homework Hack: How To Answer These Common Essay Prompts

Learn to answer the short answer and essay questions that teachers love to ask.

A Parent’s Guide To Writing A Book Report

Guide your kids through writing a top-notch book report with ease!

How Do I Write A College Application Essay?

Tackle that college application essay with expert tips to guide you.

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