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    Dictionary.com today announced it has named misinformation its 2018 Word of the Year. Defined as “false information that is spread, regardless of…

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    Today Dictionary.com, the leading online and mobile English-language resource, added hundreds of emoji and slang articles to its site, becoming the…

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    Word Tied to Trending Data, Global News Events OAKLAND, Calif., November 27, 2017 – Dictionary.com today announced it has named ‘complicit’ as 2017’s Word of the Year. Defined as “choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others,” the word is indicative of larger trends that resonated throughout the year, hitting every aspect of today’s culture from politics and news, to …

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    Online Dictionary Shares Most Looked Up Idioms Internationally & Top New Word Requests OAKLAND, Calif.,?October 18, 2017 – The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence where the chickens come home to roost, catch my drift? If not, you’re in luck – Dictionary.com, the leading online and mobile English-language resource, today released data on the most searched idioms across the globe …

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    Dictionary.com Study Reveals Shifts in Political Awareness and Vocabulary Since 2016 Presidential Election ; Alignment with Site Search Data OAKLAND, Calif., April 18 , 2017 – While the 2016 Presidential election left Americans split across party lines, there is one thing the majority can agree on – more than half (53%) of overall Americans now feel more informed about current affairs than before the Presidential …

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    OAKLAND, Calif., November 28, 2016 – Some of the most prominent news stories this year have centered on fear of the “other” – the Brexit vote, police shootings, Syria’s refugee crisis, transsexual rights, and the US presidential race. Because these stories have resonated so deeply in the cultural consciousness over the last 12 months, Dictionary.com has chosen xenophobia as its Word of the Year. The …